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Family Testimonials.....


We wanted to send you a note expressing our sincere appreciation for your time working with Shayla on the Wizard of Oz. The play was a delight to watch, all the performers were wonderful. As Shayla's parents, we of course couldn't help but notice how much she has improved since her first audition, and how much she has enjoyed the experience throughout.  

-Masami A.

Both my children have been participating in BB Players for several years and the impact it has had on them is invaluable. Not only has BB players uncovered the mystery and magic of putting on a show, but it has also taught them confidence, patience, and teamwork. One person doesn’t put on a show, it takes an entire cast working together. Susan and her team encourage their students to really use their imaginations and interpret their roles. In BB players every actor is seen and heard. This program teaches skills that these children will carry with them forever. There is no greater feeling than watching your child shine on stage

-The Piltzer Family

Even though the girls were only there a few weeks, they learned so much already and realized they love musical theater.  I’ve never seen Paige want to practice anything on her own until Willy Wonka.

-The Kneeland Family

Hi Susan,

It’s happening!! You did it and got all these kids to the show. Thank you so much for your hard work. You are AMAZING! (And patient and kind and and and!! ) 

-Carolyn A.

I want to thank you again for directing the Wizard of Oz. Hannah had such a wonderful experience!  In fact, Michael had a great experience too!  He enjoyed working on the play so much, he told me he’d love to work with you on other plays if you ever need his services. 😃

-Ari K.

Thank you again for such an amazing experience with the Wizard of Oz! Olive is still buzzing from it :)

-T B

Hi Susan,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything. Bella cried when she got home because it hit her that this was over. She adores you and will miss you. Bella first saw the Wizard of Oz play when she was in TK or Kindergarten (I can’t remember). From that moment she wanted to be Dorothy so bad and would talk about it every year. I was so scared for her to audition because I thought she would be crushed if she didn’t get it. Thank you for helping her reach a dream of hers, for encouraging her, for teaching her, and for giving her a moment to shine in the spotlight. The the play turned out truly amazing! Thank you so much! 

-Shelly F.

Thank you Susan! Maycee wants to work with you again so bad! You gave my girl a major confidence boost doing this play! 

-Jamie L.

Thank you for all you did with them.  I appreciate your help with Kylie's schedule and still making her feel like an important part of the cast.  They really enjoyed it

-Jessica F.

Hi Susan! 

Here are a few pictures - I didn’t get many! The second is my youngest daughter watching and reacting to the show. Hopefully you can see the magic in her eyes-  she was learning the dances by the end! 😊 

-Tracy B.

We are so grateful to have our happy, confident Allie back after the pandemic, thanks to your classes.

-Susan B.

Oh how I miss those Sundays at BB Players. What a great company! - Kim S.

Some of the best experiences my family ever had. - Tracie T.

I can’t even express to you how special last night was for our family. Jolie loves performing and this was her first time. We were sad that Jessie was too sick to participate :( Still, It was so heartwarming and well put together. Thank you for providing your services to the schools, it really is a special thing you do. 
-Ashley B.
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