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Our mission is to nurture creativity, discipline, social skills, responsibility and teamwork through a theatrical experience and, in doing so, enhance each young actor’s self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence, both on stage and off.

Bringing Families Together


Broadway Bound Players brings families together on stage to create a unity that can only be accomplished through a shared interest. By listening to our families and hearing that they want more- more shows, more classes, more workshops- we are are providing the larger community with a unique theatre experience as well as meeting a growing demand.

Sharing Our Passion


Through years of productions, camps and enrichment programs in local schools, we have developed many aspiring and professional performers. Currently we have young actors at the LA County School for the Arts, CalArts, USC and Northwestern. Broadway Bound alumni can be seen on Broadway and in touring performances of Anastaia, Jagged Little Pill,  Appropriate and Wicked.

A Part For Everyone


The Santa Clarita Valley loves community theatre- it has a rich and robust history of providing residents with quality performances. In any production there are always tasks that need to be accomplished- whether it be acting or technical production. With a diversity in programs and training, we pride ourselves on there always being a part for everybody. We encourage youth and families to explore the many options theater has to offer.

Susan Wiltfang-Thomas
Artistic Director Notes 


Having been involved in theatre since I was three years old, (and my mom would probably say since birth), I have a deep understanding of the value of the arts for all. My father said I had a gift for the stage and that I should share it, so here we are!

With all that is happening in this crazy world, how important that all of us, no matter our age, have an escape- an escape that transports us to different worlds.  Allow the stage to be a place to explore your passions- whether it is on the stage or behind it. Let it be your heart song.

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