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Learn acting and improv with BB Players. Do you like performing? Do you have what it takes to do Improv? Your first thought might be, “I’m not that funny.” But what is really funny is acting truthfully in any situation. This means that anyone can do improv. Improv is a fun way to learn to think on your toes and be ready for anything. After taking Improv Classes,  you’ll have a whole tool belt of techniques to help you think up characters on the spot, develop funny situations, and make your friends laugh. We will also prepare each actor with a short, fun monologue. With improv and a must see monologue you will WOW the audience. BB Players provides a safe atmosphere for your children to express their creativity while building self esteem, develop public speaking skills, and working with others to accomplish a successful experience.

Acting & Improv 8 week Enrichment Class

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